911 Tech Repair Company is a leading provider of laptop repair services. For years, we have specialized in mail-in liquid damage repairs for ROG gaming laptops. Our technicians are fully certified and trained on the latest ROG models.

If your ROG laptop has been damaged from spilled liquids or moisture exposure, there is no need to replace it. Our mail-in service allows you to conveniently ship your laptop to our facility, where it will be thoroughly inspected and undergo our proven liquid damage repair process. Using only genuine replacement parts, we will methodically disassemble, clean, and rebuild any damaged components until your laptop is fully functional once again.

Accuracy and reliability are top priorities in our repair process. Customers can expect their ROG laptops to be safely and expertly repaired on time. Comprehensive testing ensures any liquid damage issues have been completely resolved before the laptop is returned. Backed by our warranty, you can have peace of mind knowing that your repaired laptop is like new again.

For a repair quote, visit our website or contact one of our repair specialists today. We look forward to restoring your ROG laptop to optimal performance through our industry-leading liquid damage repair services.