Laptop Keyboard & Touchpad Repair

Laptop Keyboard & Touchpad Repair Service Offered by 911 Tech Repair Company

You’re typing away on your laptop when suddenly a key stops working. Or maybe your touchpad is acting up and the cursor jumps around erratically. A broken keyboard or faulty touchpad can make your laptop frustrating and nearly impossible to use efficiently. Don’t resort to buying a new laptop or costly repairs at the manufacturer. 911 Tech Repair offers reliable mail-in service to get your laptop keyboard or touchpad working like new again for a fraction of the cost. With speedy turnaround times, 911 Tech Repair will have your laptop back in working order before you know it. Keep reading to learn about their keyboard and touchpad repair process, pricing, and what customers are saying about the quality service.

Is Your Laptop Keyboard Not Working Properly?

If your laptop keyboard is malfunctioning or certain keys have stopped working, it can greatly impact your productivity and frustrate you to no end.

Common issues with laptop keyboards include:

• Sticky or stuck keys: Keys that get stuck when pressed or are slow to respond can indicate built-up dirt or debris under the keycaps. • Key caps that have fallen off: The little plastic pieces under each key can become detached or break over time with frequent use.

• Non-responsive keys: Entire sections of keys or specific letters/numbers that do not register when pressed point to connection issues or keyboard failure.

Rather than attempt a DIY repair, the best solution is to have your laptop keyboard fixed or replaced by a professional repair service.

911 Tech Repair offers fast, affordable laptop keyboard repair and replacement services with free shipping both ways. Our trained technicians will expertly diagnose the issue with your keyboard and perform necessary repairs or install a high-quality replacement keyboard so you can get back to using your laptop as quickly as possible.

We understand how inconvenient a broken or malfunctioning keyboard can be, which is why we offer expedited 3-5 business day turnaround for most keyboard repairs. Simply drop off or mail in your laptop, and our technicians will have it back to you good as new in no time. If your keys are sticking or have gone silent, don’t delay – contact 911 Tech Repair today to schedule your laptop keyboard repair or replacement and get your laptop back up and running.

Mail-in Keyboard Repair Services Offered by 911 Tech Repair

911 Tech Repair offers professional mail-in keyboard repair services for most major laptop brands. Our experienced technicians can diagnose and fix common issues with your laptop’s keyboard, including stuck or unresponsive keys, keyboard connection problems, and liquid damage repair.

Diagnosing Keyboard Issues

Before sending in your laptop, our support team will have you run diagnostics to help determine the problem. We will ask about any error messages, check for software issues, and rule out other potential causes. Once we have isolated the issue to a hardware keyboard problem, you will receive an official quote for repair and can ship your laptop to our repair center.

Keyboard Replacement and Repair

Our technicians can fully replace a laptop keyboard if needed. We source high-quality replacement keyboards for most laptop models. Keyboard repairs and replacements come with a 90-day warranty on parts and labor. For stuck or unresponsive keys, we will first try clearing debris from under the key or resetting the key manually. If that does not work, we will replace the entire keyboard.

Liquid damage to keyboards can often be repaired, depending on the severity of the spill. Our technicians will fully disassemble your laptop, clean all components, and make necessary repairs or replacements to get your keyboard functioning properly again. Extensive liquid damage may require replacement of related parts like the keyboard membrane or logic board.

Fast, Affordable Service

911 Tech Repair aims to provide the fastest mail-in keyboard repair service possible. Most keyboard repairs or replacements are completed within 3 to 5 business days. We charge flat-rate pricing with no hidden fees. Simply pay for return shipping to get your laptop back working like new. Our mail-in service means no need to find a local repair shop or go without your laptop for weeks at a time. We make the entire process as seamless as possible so you can get back to work or school.

How to Get Your Laptop Keyboard Fixed Fast by 911 Tech Repair

To get your laptop keyboard repaired promptly by 911 Tech Repair, you will need to send your device directly to their repair center.

Packaging Your Laptop

Carefully package your laptop to avoid any damage during shipping. Wrap your laptop in anti-static packing materials and place it in the original packaging if possible. If not, use a sturdy box with packing peanuts or bubble wrap. Clearly label the package with your contact information, including a return shipping address.

Shipping Your Device

Ship your packaged laptop using a carrier that provides package tracking, such as UPS or FedEx. This allows you to monitor your package in transit and provides coverage in the unlikely event it is lost or damaged.

The Repair Process

Upon receiving your laptop, 911 Tech Repair will promptly diagnose any issues with the keyboard or touchpad and perform necessary repairs or part replacements to get your device back in working order. Their technicians are highly trained to repair all major laptop brands and models. If any additional issues are detected during the diagnostic process, a 911 Tech Repair representative will contact you to discuss options before proceeding with additional repairs.

Returning Your Laptop

As soon as repairs are completed, 911 Tech Repair will ship your laptop back to you using the prepaid return shipping label you provided. Most laptop keyboards and touchpads can be repaired within 3 to 5 business days providing any necessary parts are in stock. Your laptop will be fully tested to ensure all components are functioning properly before being returned.

Utilizing the services of 911 Tech Repair to repair your laptop keyboard is a fast, convenient, and worry-free option to get your device back up and running quickly. Their team of certified technicians can have your laptop fixed and returned to you without delay.


You can now see that 911 Tech Repair offers high-quality, affordable laptop keyboard and touchpad repair for just about any model. Their mail-in service allows you to quickly send in your device and get it back fast, often within just 3-5 business days. With highly trained technicians and a focus on customer service, 911 Tech Repair takes the hassle out of getting your laptop keyboard fixed. Contact them today to get a free quote. With their fast turnaround times and satisfaction guarantee, you can trust 911 Tech Repair to have you back up and running in no time.