Laptop Performance Upgrade Service

Laptop Performance Upgrade Service Offered by 911 Tech Repair Company

As a laptop owner, you know that your device’s performance inevitably slows down over time. Opening programs takes longer, web pages load slower, and even simple tasks can frustrate you. Upgrading your laptop’s components is the best way to restore lost performance, but the process can seem daunting. Don’t despair – with 911 Tech Repair’s mail-in laptop performance upgrade service, you can mail us your laptop and we’ll expertly install new RAM, a solid state drive, or other enhancements to boost speed and responsiveness. In this article, you’ll learn all about our reliable mail-in laptop performance upgrades that breathe new life into aging laptops. We make the process fast, affordable, and hassle-free. Keep reading to learn how our experts can optimize your laptop’s hardware for peak performance via our mail-in service.

Is Your Laptop Feeling Slow? We Can Help!

Memory Upgrades To improve performance, we recommend upgrading your laptop’s memory (RAM). More memory means your laptop can run more programs simultaneously without slowing down.

Solid State Drive Installation

A solid state drive (SSD) will drastically improve your laptop’s speed and responsiveness. An SSD has no moving parts, so it boots and launches programs much faster than a hard disk drive (HDD). Your laptop will run like new with an SSD upgrade.

Processor Upgrades

For maximum performance gains, consider a processor upgrade. A new processor will speed up all tasks from web browsing to video editing. Processor upgrades do require a compatibility check for your laptop and may need a memory upgrade to achieve the best performance.

Operating System Refresh

If your laptop is running slowly due to a cluttered, outdated operating system, we recommend a refresh to the latest version of Windows. We can perform a clean installation of Windows and also complete any required driver updates. Your laptop will benefit from the latest security patches and performance enhancements in the newest operating system.

Additional Services

We also offer virus removal, laptop cleaning and tune-ups to improve performance and responsiveness. Our certified technicians can thoroughly diagnose any issues with your laptop and recommend affordable upgrades and repairs to keep your laptop running as efficiently as possible.

Boost your laptop’s performance today with our convenient mail-in upgrade service. We make the entire process simple and stress-free so you can get back to enjoying your fast, powerful laptop.

Our Mail-in Laptop Upgrade Service Overview

Processor and Memory Upgrades

Upgrading your laptop’s central processing unit (CPU) and memory are two of the most effective ways to significantly boost performance. Our mail-in service offers CPU and memory upgrades for most major laptop brands and models. We can install more powerful processors and increase your memory up to the maximum supported by your laptop.

Solid State Drive Installation

Replacing your laptop’s hard disk drive (HDD) with a solid state drive (SSD) can provide substantial improvements in boot and load times, as well as overall responsiveness. SSDs have no moving parts, so they are more durable and energy efficient than traditional HDDs. Our mail-in service includes SSD upgrades for compatible laptops.

Discrete Graphics Card Upgrade

For laptops with integrated graphics, upgrading to a dedicated graphics card can enable more advanced visual capabilities for gaming, video editing, and other graphics-intensive tasks. We offer graphics card upgrades, including options from NVIDIA and AMD, for select laptop models. Graphics card upgrades may require a more powerful power adapter to function properly.

Operating System Refresh

An outdated operating system can negatively impact your laptop’s performance and security. We offer installation of the latest versions of Windows and Chrome OS for all compatible laptops. An OS upgrade includes a wipe of your storage drive to remove any existing system files and a fresh install of your selected operating system.

Popular Laptop Upgrades to Boost Performance

Memory (RAM) Upgrade

One of the easiest ways to improve your laptop’s performance is by installing additional memory modules, also known as RAM. RAM allows your laptop to run more programs simultaneously without slowing down.

Solid State Drive (SSD)

Replacing your laptop’s hard disk drive (HDD) with a solid state drive (SSD) can significantly boost its performance. SSDs have no moving parts, so they can read and write data much faster than HDDs. With an SSD, your laptop will boot up and launch programs faster.

Processor Upgrade

Upgrading to a newer, more powerful processor is one of the best ways to gain a major performance boost. However, processor upgrades tend to be more complex than other upgrades and may require a motherboard replacement on some laptop models. Our technicians have experience performing processor upgrades on all major laptop brands.

Graphics Card Upgrade

For laptops used for gaming, video editing, or other graphics-intensive tasks, upgrading to a dedicated graphics card can significantly improve performance. A more powerful graphics card will allow you to play the latest PC games with smoother frame rates and higher quality settings. It will also speed up rendering times for video editing and 3D modeling software.

To take advantage of our full range of performance-boosting laptop upgrades, contact 911 Tech Repair today to request a mail-in service. Our expert technicians can evaluate your laptop, provide upgrade recommendations tailored to your needs, and perform professional installation of the upgrades you select. With our help, you can make an older laptop run like new or turn a basic laptop into a powerhouse workstation.

How Our Mail-in Upgrade Process Works

Step 1: Select Your Upgrades

Browse the upgrade options on our website to choose the components you want to enhance your laptop’s performance. You can select from upgrades like additional RAM, a solid state drive (SSD), or a new high-performance CPU. Once you’ve selected your desired upgrades, proceed to checkout to pay for the service and print a pre-paid shipping label.

Step 2: Ship Us Your Laptop

Carefully package your laptop and ship it to our repair center using the pre-paid shipping label. Be sure to back up any important data before sending us your device. Upon receiving your laptop, our technicians will thoroughly diagnose it to ensure there are no hardware issues before proceeding with the upgrades. If any problems are detected, we will contact you to discuss resolution options and costs prior to performing any work.

Step 3: We Install Your Upgrades

Our certified technicians will then install the components you selected, rigorously testing to confirm full functionality before reassembling your laptop. We use precision tools and techniques to access the internal components of your device in a way that does not void your manufacturer’s warranty. All upgrades will also comply with any thermal constraints to avoid overheating.

Step 4: Extensive Testing and Return Shipping

Prior to return shipping, we put each upgraded laptop through a comprehensive testing process to verify all components are working properly under normal operating conditions. Once testing is complete and everything is confirmed to be in perfect working order, we will promptly ship your upgraded laptop back to you ready to boost your productivity and performance.

Our streamlined mail-in upgrade service makes enhancing your laptop’s power and capabilities more convenient than ever before. Let 911 Tech Repair handle the technical details so you can get back to focusing on what really matters. We look forward to boosting your laptop’s performance and enhancing your user experience.

FAQs About Our Mail-in Laptop Upgrade Service

What components can be upgraded through your service?

Through our mail-in laptop upgrade service, we offer replacements and upgrades for some of the most important components that determine your laptop’s performance:

•Memory (RAM): We can upgrade your laptop’s memory up to the maximum amount supported by your specific model. Additional memory will allow you to run more programs simultaneously without slowing down your device.

•Solid State Drive (SSD): Replacing your hard disk drive (HDD) with a solid state drive (SSD) can significantly improve your laptop’s boot and load times. SSDs have no moving parts, so they are more durable and shock-resistant than traditional HDDs.

•Processor (CPU): For many laptop models, we can upgrade to a faster, more powerful processor, which will improve performance for all tasks like web browsing, streaming media, and productivity software. Upgrading to a newer generation processor architecture can also provide benefits like improved security and efficiency.

•Graphics Card (GPU): For gaming laptops and other models with a dedicated graphics card, we may be able to upgrade to a newer, more powerful graphics card to enable better performance for graphics-intensive tasks like video editing, 3D modeling, and of course PC gaming.

•Operating System: We can perform a fresh installation of the latest version of Windows to refresh your laptop and address any software issues. We will back up your files and settings beforehand and reinstall any necessary device drivers and software.

How long does the upgrade process take?

The time required to complete your laptop upgrades can vary significantly depending on which components you choose to upgrade and your specific laptop model. Once we receive your laptop, our technicians will evaluate what options are available and compatible with your device. We will then provide you with an estimate for the time required to perform the necessary upgrades and testing to ensure everything is functioning properly before shipping your laptop back to you. You can typically expect the full upgrade and return process to take 3 to 5 business days.


Consider upgrading your laptop through our mail-in service. We make the process easy by providing a prepaid shipping box and handling the installation of new components selected by you. With faster processors, more memory, and solid state drives, your laptop will run better than ever. Don’t settle for the sluggish performance of an aging machine. Our certified technicians have years of experience to safely complete the upgrade and return your laptop fully tested and ready to use. Invest in getting more life out of your laptop with our mail-in upgrade service today.

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